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Moving Money around the World could not be easier with;

Money Gram Advantages
  • No need to open an account
  • Name to name instant Money transfer
  • Low transfer charges
  • Fast transactions
  • Same day receipt of Money
  • Simple

Main users of Money Gram
  • Families and Workers - convenient, acceptable charges, fast and easy.
  • Students
  • Travellers and Tourists
  • Other - Money Gram can be used for urgent transfer requirements such as medical, legal and unexpected charges

How does Money Gram work?
Visit any ViyaBank branch, fill in the application form, hand it over to the counter with a proof of ID, pay the charges and watch your Money transfered instantly.  Provide the receipient with the quotation reference given to you by your Bank.

Access to the Money?
  • Recipient visits any Money Gram spot, fills the form.
  • Provides the reference quotation with a proof of ID.
  • Receives the payment of the transfer.    

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You can send money overseas within 10 minutes by MoneyGram